Study Shows Ultra Is Most Life-Changing Festival Since Woodstock

Study Shows Ultra Is Most Life-Changing Festival Since Woodstock

Music Festivals have the power to change our lives. If you have gone to one, you probably connect with that statement. They may provide us with a different outlook on life or make us fall in love with a specific artist. According to a recent study done by Cloud Cover Music, Ultra is the most life-changing festival since Woodstock. That is a pretty bold statement with all the incredible festivals out there.

They surveyed 665 music fans who have attended music festivals. They asked all the important questions like which one was your favorite? Did the music festival change your life? 63% of the respondents said yes to a festival permanently changed their life.

Woodstock took the #1 spot with 82.4% of people feeling their life has been altered. The highest modern-day festival is Ultra with 78.4%. And right behind them is EDC with 74.5% of people feeling their life was transformed because of the festival.

Life-Changing Music Festivals

It’s no doubt that Woodstock has had the most effect on people. It was a festival that changed social and cultural boundaries. You can’t really compare Ultra to Woodstock. You can, however, compare Ultra to the other EDM festivals on the list. Arguments could go on for days for who is the best festival. An interesting note is that Tomorrowland did not appear in the top ten, could be just Americans were polled and that is the reason.

Cloud Cover Music also came to some other conclusions from the survey. The most memorable festival act was Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our very own Tiesto came in at #5. They also found the festivals have actually gotten less wild than back in the day. Drug use, nudity, and violence have all declined since the 80s. Of course, people may just not want to admit to those first two. Drinking, however, has actually increased among festival goers.

Most Memorable Festival Artists

Burning Man was rated the most indulgent festival when it comes to alcohol/hard drugs. They were also rated best place to form new friendships. EDC was rated most spiritual and artistic festival.

Tough to say which festival is actually the most life-changing after Woodstock. 665 participants are probably not enough considering millions attend festivals each year. Which festival do you find has changed your life the most?