GAWP and Gene Farris – Aphrodisiac

GAWP and Gene Farris Deliver Dancefloor Destroyer

Britain’s baddest bass-driven tech-house mad man is back at it again. GAWP is one of the biggest rising stars in the U.S. underground scene for good reason. His releases on Dirtybird Records, HotBOi Records and Psycho Disco! caught the eye of Farris Wheel founder Gene Farris. Seeing the Englishman’s impressive skills in the studio and behind the decks led to their newest collaboration. ‘Aphrodisiac‘ is a heavy driving tune perfect for showing the world that “this is how we jam.”

Released on Idris Elba‘s label 7Wallace, there is no stopping this monster of a tune. The low end on ‘Aphrodisiac’ is impressive to say the least. GAWP has developed a unique and recognizable timbre on his kick drums that fits perfectly with Gene Farris’s vocals. Include an acid-ridden synth layered on top of a heavy, encapsulating bassline, this is one track you’ll be feeling in your stomach as well as your psychedelic head space. One thing is for sure, these boys know how to make a record and “keep it hot.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Give ‘Aphrodisiac’ a listen in the Spotify link below. The release comes also comes with a radio edit since there is an F bomb in the original. We’ll see you on the dance floor rocking out to the newest single from Gawp and Gene Farris!