[Event Preview] Anjunabeats Pool Party Takes Over the Delano



Every year, the dance music world turns its attention to South Florida for Miami Music Week. Whether it be pool parties, club gigs, or Ultra Music Festival, each day of the week holds exclusive parties every type of dance music fan can enjoy. The Anjunabeats Pool Party in particular always seems to draw some of the most loyal and diverse crowds.

This year, the annual pool party partnered up with Diskolab and boasts one of the deepest lineups of the week. However, the event will once again be switching venues, this time from the 1 Hotel to the Delano Beach Club. Below, we’ll take a deeper dive into both the lineup, and the venue.

The Lineup

This year’s lineup boasts one of the deepest veteran and talented bills Anjuna has offered for their annual pool party. Anjuna heavy weights Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, and Jason Ross are all set to take over the stage. Legendary vets Gabriel & Dresden and Oliver Smith are set to play as well. If you’re in the mood for some smooth progressive trance, Scotland’s own GRUM will satisfy your craving. If uplifting trance is your squeeze, then Sunny Lax is the man for you.

For an event that goes for eleven hours, there seems to be some unaccounted time with only seven artists currently scheduled to play. This means there will most likely be some last minute additions before the party. But overall, this lineup is fully occupied by proven producers who know how to work a crowd.

The Delano Beach Club

As someone who has been around Miami Music Week too many times to count, I can say that a venue makes or breaks a party. This year, Anjuna takes over the Delano where the dance floor and pool are fully intertwined. With many cabanas, benches, and chairs, there’s plenty of places to put your valuables. You’ll be able to jump in the pool, and only walk a mere 10 feet to the dance floor. The Delano is easily one of the best venues in South Beach for a pool party. And with Anjuna music, the vibe will be nothing short of awesome.

Before last year, the Anjuna pool party took place at the Raleigh Hotel. The hotel and venue are beautiful, but the stage and dance floor were away from the pool and under a tent. Last year, the 1 Hotel hosted the party, and the stage and dance floor were on the actual beach but with no pool. In my opinion, the Delano beats out both of these venues, and will create a true pool party atmosphere. The one X-factor though- beautiful weather. Fingers crossed for a sunny day with clear blue skies.

The annual Anjunabeats Pool Party takes place on Sunday March 31st from 12pm to 11pm. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, make sure to do so, they are running out quickly. You can buy them either at the top of the page or here.