Alesso Reveals Mixtape Series With First Entry Dropping Friday

Alesso just dropped some big news about what his Latin American fans can expect from him in the near future. First, he will be dropping ‘Progresso,‘ this Friday, March 9th. It will be the first volume of his ongoing mixtape series. Secondly, he announced that he will be making an appearance at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro the very same day. He’s already locked down for Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami, and now is in for a huge date in Brazil, alongside Anitta, as a result.

The Grammy-nominated producer was just in Latin America for Sir Richard Branson‘s Venezuela Live Aid. However, in a show of respect for his Latin American fans, he squeezed in an early March date at Carnival. On top of that, he’ll be performing with 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards Finalist Annita. If that doesn’t prove this news’ significance, then how he jammed this all in before Ultra Miami and his Las Vegas appearances should. Alesso must see Latin America as an emerging market and does not want to miss an opportunity to show them some love.

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Along with a Carnival set, fans in Latin America and the world over, are happy to hear that a new Alesso mixtape is set to drop this Friday as well. ‘Progreso’ will be the first volume in an ongoing mixtape series that he seems to hold near and dear to his heart. In a press release, he was quoted as saying:


“This project, for me, is about going back to my roots and making house records. I wanted to represent the culture of dance music through this mixtape. Each song is powerful and unique. It’s about telling a story of the past and the future of the genre through the music.”

Alesso is placing a lot of focus on his Latin America appearances and much more Latin love should be expected. Whether it’s doing a big show like EDC Mexico or dropping a new mixtape, it’s easy to see how much he values the Latin American scene. Get a copy of ‘Progresso’ this Friday, on your way to Carnival.