Alesso Joins Lineup for Venezuelan Aid Live Benefit Concert

Virgin Atlantic billionaire Richard Branson has teamed up with Venezuelan opposition leaders Juan Guaido and Leopoldo Lopez to create a benefit concert titled Venezuela Aid Live. It is set to take place this Friday, February 22nd at Cúcuta, Colombia, located at the Venezuela-Colombia border. The lineup includes prominent Latin American stars like Luis Fonsi, Maluma, andJuanes as well as Swedish DJ and producer Alesso. He confirmed the news yesterday via Twitter:

This is not Alesso’s first philanthropic performance. During his ‘Heroes‘ tour back in 2014, Alesso teamed up with Chime for Change and helped raise $50,000 for the charity. The benefit is intended to aid the current situation in Venezuela. Currently, Nicolás Maduro will not allow any supplies into the country. The Venezuelan people, mainly children and the elderly, are dying from starvation and a lack of medical supplies. The Venezuela Aid Live goal is to reach $100 million dollars in 60 days in hopes of opening the border. They will be live streaming the event this Friday.

The world may be corrupt and unjust, but we can’t give in. The purpose of music is to express ourselves. Through music, we connect. It doesn’t matter if we speak different languages or hold polar opposite political views. When you go to a concert, none of that matters. You’re there to feel something, to learn, and to have fun. Although there have not been any other EDM artists confirmed for the benefit, we can count on Alesso to spread love and positivity to the people of Venezuela.

You can donate here.