Alesso Goes Back to His Roots With Mixtape Progresso Vol. 1


Alesso Mixtape Progresso Vol. 1

Are we ready for some new Alesso music? Out this past Friday (March 8th), the Swedish superstar gave us Progresso Volume 1, the first in what hopefully is a lengthy series of mixtapes expected to release over the next few months or possibly years. Having already conquered the mainstream scene over the past few years with hits such as ‘Let Me Go,’ ‘REMEDY,’ and ‘Is That For Me‘, Alesso’s ready to make his return to progressive house and house records.

This mixtape gives us our first taste of the new chapter in Alesso’s career. The short 3 track volume starts with mixtape series title track ‘PROGRESSO‘.  Immediately we are taken back to the earlier days of Alesso music. You’ll hear the powerful chord progressions with his signature build up of old. Then we are introduced to a brief vocal alongside a melodic synth that again builds back to the drop.

CONFESSION‘ is the most traditional progressive track of the mixtape, keeping a very steady energy throughout. Lastly, Alesso throws us a bit of a curve ball with final track ‘TIME‘. Much more vocal driven than those previous, ‘TIME’ is a hybrid of pop and house music coming together which shows off the versatility of the Swedish superstar.

After listening to Progresso Volume 1, we’re already hungry for more and can’t wait for the next volume in this mixtape series.  We expect to be teased more when he returns to the mainstage at Ultra Music Festival Friday March 29th. Until then, let’s enjoy Progresso Volume 1.