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Back at the end of November last year, we had reported that JOYRYDE delayed his new album due to “mostly technical reasons”. Recently, the English producer has disclosed that he will be releasing the first track of his new album this month.

That’s right, ravers, the wait is finally over! The hardworking musician will be dropping his brand new album christened Brave after a whopping 3-month delay.

Although his army of dedicated fans can certainly understand all of the various aspects that go into creating a masterpiece, they have been patiently waiting for a small glimpse of hope that the album will finally be released for the world to hear.

Several of his followers assumed that the smash hit ‘AGEN WIDA‘ in collaboration with Skrillex was his first single to be featured on the album, however, it was a reality check to not assume that this would be part of Brave.

We absolutely can’t wait to hear what the 33-year-old has in store. We are positive that it will be worth the wait!