Deadmau5 continues to push the limits of stage design with his unforgettable cube stage design. While streaming on Twitch and tinkering with TouchDesigner, Joel decided to give viewers a teaser of the fully built Cube 3.0! Compared to the previous Cube 2.0 design, there seem to be a few changes. In the video below, you can see that the cube displays the height and width of 384 ft. It’s clearly a huge display, especially knowing that it will have its first debut at Ultra this year.

As detailed oriented at Deadmau5 is, there is a ton of work put into this production. Cube 2.0 required up to three computers to run, so who knows how much more Joel will need to make sure everything will run smoothly. This will be one of the most anticipated shows for this year’s Ultra, and everyone should be counting down the days to see this production firsthand.

Early displays of Cube 3.0 were shown on the stream last month, adding to the excitement of what will be shown at Ultra. With a month left until the event, there’s still time for some adjustments and changes. However, the likelihood that the potential for major change is thin. If you weren’t able to get to watch the stream, give the clip below a watch – it just might satisfy your needs till the debut.