JOYRYDE Delays New Album Due To “Mostly Technical Reasons”

It truly is bliss to ride the JOYRYDE wave, especially this year. The English DJ has been absolutely dominating 2018 with the release of killer tracks such as ‘AGEN WIDA‘ in collaboration with Skrillex.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see 33-year-old throw down, you know that he pours his heart and soul into every single performance.

The sheer passion that’s showcased into every single one of his pieces is undeniable, and that’s why his army of dedicated fans have stood by his side, despite his lack of presence since October when the chart-topping single ‘AGEN WIDA’ was released.

Although the I WARE HOUSE‘ producer has been relatively quiet during the past month, he has been turning it up in the studio while working on his highly anticipated new album.

Unfortunately, in a recent post, the talented musician has confirmed that the album has been pushed back due to “mostly technical reasons” like “video deadlines and material clearance things.”

Sure, it’s a major bummer, but his fanbase’s response has been nothing but positive, proving that his creations are worth the wait!