Iowa May Allow MDMA & Magic Mushrooms for Medicinal Use

Are we getting more progressive, or simply catching up with demand? Earlier this year, legislation was passed in Denver, Colorado to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, aka “magic” mushrooms. Denver will hold a legalization vote in May. The state of Oregon followed suit, and is looking to get a similar legislation added for 2020. Now, it appears that the state of Iowa is getting on board with not only mushrooms, but MDMA as well.

Proposed by Republican Jeff Shipley, the bill looks to utilize both mushrooms and MDMA for medical research. In essence, this would reclassify the two drugs, clearing the way to use both for medical purposes. Advocates for the medical benefits of mushrooms believe in the positive effects the drug can have, especially on people suffering from disorders ranging from PTSD to couples therapy. Another study found that those who participated in “mushroom” therapy were less likely to smoke and drink over a 12-month period.

While most of us attribute MDMA (aka Ecstasy) to festivals, partying, or getting f***ed up, it possesses numerous benefits when taken in low doses. The primary benefit is an increased sense of empathy. This can help sufferers of PTSD cope much better with their issues and condition. MDMA creates these high euphoric sensations, providing amazing grounds for medical research. This could lead to a reduction in suicides caused by PTSD.

It seems that the national tide is turning on once banned, Schedule 1 drugs. Perhaps de-stigmatizing these drugs and presenting them in a safe, positive light can help cure disorders and save lives down the road.

Keep an eye out on your local ballot, as you never know which state could be next. Until then – stay safe out there!