Coachella Will Have Amazon Lockers For Your Last Minute Purchases

Amazon, probably the largest website to find anything and everything you may need, is expanding once again but this time, to a music festival. On Tuesday, Amazon announced they would be bringing Amazon Lockers to Coachella this year. Now, festival-goers will be able to safely order anything and everything they may need or have forgotten. This will be the first time temporary Amazon Lockers will be used at Coachella.

“bringing the convenience of Amazon lockers to coachella will help customers focus on their experience instead of worrying about forgetting something at home or having to carry it in with them” -Patrick Supanc

Forgot sunglasses, sunscreen, ear plugs, or worse, a portable charger? This time, all you have to do is place an order on Amazon and have it shipped to the lockers on site at Coachella. One may also place an order in advance, prior to arriving at the festival.  Also, maybe you don’t want the hassle of carrying in all of your belongings to the festival. Technically, you could order everything you needed and walk into Coachella without any bags. Patrick Supanc, Amazon Worldwide Director of Lockers and Pickup, explained in a statement the goal of this addition saying, “We want customers to make the most out of their weekend at Coachella”.

How Amazon Lockers Work

Amazon Lockers are not a new invention. You’ve probably seen them in Whole Foods grocery stores or at other retailer stores. If you’ve never used them before and are interested in taking advantage of them at Coachella, here’s a quick rundown on how they operate. First, you find what you want to buy and add it to your cart. Next, when you go to the delivery option page, it will have an option to have your items delivered to a specific Amazon Locker. Once selected and ordered, you will receive a barcode that will give you access to your designated locker.

Coachella is coming up this April in Indio, California. What are your thoughts on Amazon’s move to the music festival and do you plan on using the service? If all runs smoothly, it would be awesome to see Amazon Lockers at other large festivals around the world for those unavoidable forgotten/last minute purchases.