Warning: These Ecstasy Pills Might Cause You to Have Sex With Trees

UPS Ecstasy Pills Might Cause You to Have Sex With Trees

Yes, you read that right. In today’s interestingly weird news of the day, new UPS ecstasy pills might cause you to have sex with trees. Now that might be something you enjoy, but for most rave goers usually, they consume MDMA for the music. Regardless, a warning has been put out by the Manchester Police describing the unsettling details of the pill.

The UPS pill is apparently homemade and has already left two people critically ill and another in a coma. They carry an extremely high dose of hallucinogenic stimulant alpha-PVP. Which is said to have similar effects to methamphetamine. This has been linked to causing bizarre behavior including having sex with trees.

It has more than eight times the normal dosage of the drug. Police say it is poorly made, beige in color, and smells like vomit. Doesn’t exactly sound too appealing now does it? Symptoms of the pill include racing heart rate, agitation, high blood pressure, psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations.

If for some reason you do have the pill it is recommended you dispose of it immediately. Always take caution when consuming MDMA. It is best to test your pills before consuming them to make sure they don’t contain any unnecessary ingredients.

Warning put out by Manchester Police