Anjunadeep 10 [Review]

Anjunadeep 10 [Album Review]

Anjunadeep Vol 10

For all the Anjuna lovers out there, we know that Anjunabeats is more than just a record label. It’s a lifestyle, where every artist is unique, and each song has a very special meaning. But, there is also another side of Anjunabeats called ‘Anjunadeep‘, which originally started as the deep / progressive side of Anjuna, to later become its own brand with totally different sounds and a more profound approach on their songs. Founded in 2005, Anjunadeep is expanding its universe at every minute, and we are happy to announce that today, Anjunadeep is releasing their newest compilation ‘Anjunadeep 10’.

The mix consists of 37 tracks within 2 discs, and it fully represents the evolution of the label. James Grant and Jody Wisternoff, the masterminds and curators of the compilation, have said:

“It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the 10th volume in the Anjunadeep compilation series. Despite Anjunadeep 10 being a bit of a milestone, we’ve resisted any temptation to go down a nostalgic route. Instead we’ve tried to keep the mix as forward-looking as possible – our amazing family of artists have been creating far too much exciting new music for us to contemplate any other approach.”

The album is full of gems, and contains excellent tracks from Luttrell16 Bit Lolitas, Virtual Self, Spencer BrownBen Böhmer, Yotto, Lane 8 and many more. Check our exclusive review below:

01 – Hiatus – Relic : Hiatus is bringing us some soothing sounds for the soul and for the spirit. A perfect way to start off the album.
02 – Lycoriscoris – Belong : We can feel the chill-out rhytm. Close your eyes, and this track will send you to a sunset on the beach.
03 – Ocula – Immunity : With ‘Immunity’, the beat is becoming slightly faster. Enjoy the uplifting state.
04 – BAILE – Soft Light : Oh yes! This is what we were waiting for. Deep house melodies and some caribbean vocals.
05 – Ole Biege – All The Time (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Rework) : When Jody and James work together, the result is mesmerising! This beautiful song is one of our album’s favorites!
06 – Nox Vahn feat. Mimi Page – There Is Peace Beyond (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Rework) : No vocals, just peaceful sounds. A great track from Nox Vanh reworked by Jody and James.
07 – Tomas Barfod feat. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo – Things That Matter (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) : Another chill-out tune, great vocals and even greater lyrics!
08 – Luttrell – Still Dreaming : Are you getting ready for the night? Listen to this excellent warming up tune.
09 – 16 Bit Lolitas – You Are High : No need to describe this song. Listen to the tune and let yourself go!
10 – Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Lane 8 Remix) : We love Virtual Self, and we love Ghost Voices! Lane 8’s remix has the finest drop!
11 – CRi – Initial : Progressive sounds mixed with some deep vocals in the background. The journey has definitely started.
12 – Modd & Hosini – Swallow’s Nest : As you are drifting away in your mind, this track will bring you to the most beautiful places.
13 – Spencer Brown & Qrion – Sapporo : A great tune from Spencer Brown and Qrion. Let yourself go with those melodic voices.
14 – GRAZZE – Querencia : The sound of a spanish guitar and the ethnic sounds in the background are quickly teletransporting us to a magical summer night. Enjoy the moment.
15 – Nuage – H.A.L.O. : As we go deep into the night, this track is perfect to relax yourself and close your eyes.
16 – boerd – Someone (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) : Another great track from board, remixed by Jody and James, that will leave you wanting for more!
17 – Modd – Ruskeala : Like the sun about to rise in a beautiful sunday morning, Modd is bringing you back to your spot with the perfect tune.
18 – Ben Böhmer – Little Lights : With a slower beat and sweet voices, Ben Böhmer lets us know that he can see ourselves!
01 – Aiiso – City Lights : Aiiso brought us a very sweet song to start the second part of the compilation. Enjoy!
02 – Nox Vahn & Marsh – Prospect : We can already hear the difference between CD1 and CD2. Nox Vahn & Marsh are introducing us to a darker, deeper side of the compilation.
03 – Jody Wisternoff & James Grant – Dapple : Dapple has a steady rhythm, and a faster BPM. Jody and James, once again, brought us a dramatic piece of art.
04 – Jani R – Autumn’s Feathers (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) : This tune blends perfectly with the one before, following a steady beat mixed with light sounds.
05 – Savvas – Peace Of Mind : As the name of the song says, it’s an uplifting, soft track. Make sure you catch the amazing drop around minute 2:08.
06 – Eli & Fur – Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) : Released not even a year ago on the Anjunadeep label, we are sure this song will soon become a classic. And Rodriguez Jr.’s remix can only enhance the beautiful vocals from Eli & Fur.
07 – Aiiso – Programmer : Following Aiiso’s style, listen to ‘Programmer’ and dance to the powerful beat.
08 – Nox Vahn & Marsh – Serena’s Garden : Another great track from this amazing duet.
09 – Jazz Do It – For A Moment : With a steady underlying rhythm, ‘For A Moment’ takes us once again on a 4-minute space journey.
10 – Joseph Ashworth – Heavy : As we get deep inside the mix, this song is bringing the real party on!
11 – Dosem – Stay True : A faster BPM and a great drop. Keep the good music coming!
12 – Jack Lost – Walls : Beautiful lyrics and amazing vocals, you’ll enjoy every minute of ‘Walls’.
13 – SØNIN vs. Yotto – Nothing Like You : Yotto has been with Anjunadeep since his beginnings, and we love everything he does. ‘Nothing Like You’, vs SØNIN, is a powerful song that can only show what a good team they make together.
14 – Fluida – A Self And A Mind : Enjoy this track while the party is at its highest point!
15 – Luttrell – Out Of Me : Another great tune from Luttrell. With deep-house beats and a nice rhythm to keep you dancing all night long.
16 – Ben Böhmer – In Memoriam : A beautiful track to slowly bring us back from a beautiful journey.
17 – Lane 8 – Feld : We are reaching the final countdown of the mix, can you find a more perfect song for it?
18 – Antic & i_cann – Jura : Antic & i_cann are here to make us dream while we are awake. Listen to ‘Jura’ and relax.
19 – Kidnap – Tempest : We have finally reached the end of this amazing compilation. ‘Tempest’ is the best way to wrap it out, with some beautiful tunes that will bring you back to a state where you can only feel relaxed.
With so many good tracks, Anjunadeep 10 will soon become a must in your music library. Hit play now, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!