Eric Prydz & Pasquale Rotella Tease Adam Beyer [] Cirez D at EDC

HOLD UP – Eric Prydz just casually posted this video to all of his social media accounts. For those familiar with the iconic glowing square, you know what this means.


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Here we go: a Cirez D (Eric Prydz) and Adam Beyer collab set. The real question remains, WHERE? The caption on the post reads “MAY”, so our best (and most hopeful guess) is that this insane set will likely take place at EDC Las Vegas on the weekend of May 17-19. Even Pasquale Rotella, the founder and creator of Insomniac, posted the teaser video on his own Instagram. This strongly favors our intuition that the Cirez D and Adam Beyer set will be at EDC Las Vegas – but only time will tell. All we know is ABCD at the Circuit Grounds would be something else!

These techno masters have toured together before, captivating their audiences with incredible visuals and unforgettable, boundary-pushing sounds. Their most recent performances together took place at the Hollywood Palladium in November 2018. Although it has not yet been officially confirmed where this iconic duo will be performing, there is no doubt that people are excited.

Stay tuned for more Cirez D and Adam Beyer updates!