Jason Ross Delivers Impressive Wide-Ranging Concept EP ‘Rooms’

Jason Ross- Rooms EP

Back in October of 2014, Above & Beyond graced Madison Square Garden for an iconic performance to celebrate their 100th episode of Group Therapy. During their set, they premiered a track titled ‘Atlas’, an absolute floor rocker that, to this day, is in any Anjunabeats playlist. One of the producers behind that track was LA-based producer Jason Ross. Fast forward to today and we’ve seen him release countless anthems while also touring with the likes of A&B and Seven Lions. Today, we see him reach a new height as he sees the release of his highly anticipated concept EP ‘Rooms’.

The ‘Rooms’ EP consists of six tracks, or “Rooms”, each representing a major milestone or moment in Jason’s life. Since the release of ‘Atlas’, the LA-based producer has showcased his constantly evolving sound. This new EP spotlights where Jason is, and where he will go. In Jason’s own words:

“The Rooms concept is a representation of the evolution of me as a person and artist. Each room represents a pinnacle growing point in my life that has brought me to where I am today.”

The 6-track EP flows effortlessly between each track. The opening track ‘Rooms’ is a wonderfully ambient intro track with downtempo production; a perfect warm up track for what’s to come. ‘Close Your Eyes’, the second track which features ‘Ocean’ vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn, quickly ignites heartfelt energy to the EP. Mendelsohn’s warm and catchy vocals breathe life into this progressive beauty.

As we move to the third and fourth tracks of the EP, we see Jason hit hard with his powerful anthemic production we’ve grown accustom to. The third track, ‘East of Eden’, proves Jason’s range in production has evolved while ‘The Gorge’, appropriately named after where his monstrous ABGT250 set with Seven Lions took place, features psy-trance duo Dimibo. This track is not only powerful, but blends trance and psy-trance painlessly. It’s easily the heaviest track on the EP.

The final two tracks are serene downtempo compositions that wind-down the EP. ‘IOU’ features Emilie Brandt, an emerging vocalist with a soft and euphoric voice. The track exudes a warm, yet heart wrenching feeling. The production and vocals are soft, yet the words cut deep. The final track, titled ‘New Dawn’, closes out the EP. As it closes the EP, it also signifies a new beginning for Jason Ross. The track is beautifully woven together, with Ross’ signature vocal samples in the background.

Life is a long and wild journey, Jason Ross probably knows this better than most. His new concept EP ‘Rooms’ is out now while his Rooms Tour kicks off tonight at Exchange LA. The tour continues through the middle of March and you can buy tickets here. You can also follow Jason on all streaming platforms here. In the meantime, check out his ‘Rooms’ EP below.