Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin – Wild Wild Son (Remixes)

wild wild son remix

Armin van Buuren – Wild Wild Son (Remixes)

With the worldwide success of his track ‘Wild Wild Son,’ you knew Armin van Buuren would be reaching out to some big players to remix the track. We get a taste of what’s to come, as today, two of those releases are available. Armin has enlisted Fatum and ASOT Tune of the Year winner Richard Durand to provide their takes on ‘Wild Wild Son.’

Vastly differing, these two versions provide fresh takes on the original ballad. The first ‘Wild Wild Son’ remix comes from Richard Durand. Kicking up the BPMs from the onset, this track is a serious uplifter. Durand brings his signature style to create a massive and euphoric tune. A stunning piano/violin breakdown sweeps you off your feet just before the main release. Some beautifully drawn out synth work has Durand written all over it. He truly made this track his own.

Pulling a U-turn, the Fatum remix starts off with some dark undertones. Pensive and driving, the cut lyrics kick into an absolutely dirty drip-drop. That plays out into some lovely horn work just before the bottom drops out again. Fatum put their fingerprints on every turn of the track, creating a huge, eclectic tune that has loose ties to the original. A true dancefloor banger, Fatum’s take will have you dancing all over your apartment.

Armin van Buuren – Wild Wild Son (Remixes)