Armin van Buuren Feat. Sam Martin – Wild Wild Son


Armin van Buuren Feat. Sam Martin – Wild Wild Son

Are you ready to take a glance into Armin’s soul? Today, the legendary Armin van Buuren dropped his new single called Wild Wild Son, as announced earlier this week on his Instagram account. The sweet melody is dedicated to his son Remy, and the lyrics talk about how his son grows so fast and how he’ll soon start making his own path in the world. As a caring father, Armin is giving Remy the freedom to be himself no matter what, to follow his dreams and to do what he loves. The song has been premiered this summer at Untold Festival in Rumania where he played for over 8 hours, and it’s known to be one of Armin’s favorite places to play, due to the deep connection he has with his fans there.

Produced by Benno de Goeij (GAIA Project) and featuring Sam Martin, Wild Wild Son is a pure reflection of the love from a father to a son. Although the original version doesn’t sound very ‘trancy’, the track is already rising lots of love from Armin’s fans all over the world, who admire him not only because of his talent, but also because he’s always demonstrated a humble and sweet personality, and his shows always have some very emotional content.


Hello son you’re ready to coming to the end
We can wait to hold you and …?
Before you know that you be standing
Crashing round the house like bandits all day

We can’t get in, it’s too much trouble,

nothing gonna stop me from loving your ways

My wild wild son run free
You’ll know it where you very small sweet
My wild wild son run free