Gareth Emery NYE OpenXClose Interview + Meet and Greet package!

Gareth Emery, the iconic British trance producer and DJ, comes to New York this New Years Eve with his highly anticipated  OpenXClose set!

We at EDMTunes have partnered with RPM to host an amazing contest and we also had  the great privilege of getting the scoop on Gareth Emery’s plans for the future and for the special NYE warehouse event here in NYC.

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Gareth Emery Interview

EDMTunes: What can we expect from your BK hangar set alongside Emma Hewitt and co.?

Gareth Emery: It’s a seven hour set, the longest I’ve ever done in my life and they’re some of my favorites. There’s nothing like opening a room without a single person in it. Personally, I really enjoy playing the downtempo / chill out stuff as people wander in, get drinks, just setting the atmosphere for the journey ahead. After that, it’s all progression, where I’ll be playing everything from Hot Since 82 and Solomun to Darren Styles and Vini Vici.

EDMTunes: Your focus for 2018 has been majorly your Laserface show, do you plan on expanding that in 2019 or switching to another type of show?

Gareth Emery: On the live side, it’ll be Laserface. It’s just incredibly exciting to be part of an artistic, futuristic project where we use lasers in ways they haven’t been used before, and there’s no better way to share my music with people. Anthony Garcia (Nice Lasers) is an amazing partner on the shows and I’m lucky to be doing a show with the world’s best laser designer.

Although our shows so far have been good, we haven’t really scratched the surface in how far we can go with this and our 2019 shows will be a level about what we’ve done this year.

EDMTunes: Your set at Dreamstate looked absolutely phenomenal, how was your experience playing it this year?

Gareth Emery: It was an amazing time. Probably my favorite festival set ever. I will qualify that by saying the 24 hours which proceeded the show were incredibly stressful. Doing a Laserface show at a festival where you have to share the stage with other acts comes with a lot more moving parts than doing it at, say, the Bill Graham in San Fran when we have total control. Naturally, this can create some friction, and on the afternoon of the show none of us could really predict whether the show was going to go well or not.

However, it was just one of those nights when everything came together – the megastructure was busier than I’ve ever seen it, the crowd were incredible, and everything worked… not much more I could have asked for.

EDMTunes: Can you give us a hint about what we should expect with your most recent statement about having a “whole abum worth of new stuff”?

Gareth Emery: Ashley Wallbridge and I have made an album together and it comes out next year. I’m not even sure if that’s been officially announced, but if not, it has now. There have been a lot of IDs in my sets this year and they’re mostly from that. It was a lot of fun and can’t wait to get it out there.

EDMTunes: What’s been the most hilarious moment for you this year on tour?

Gareth Emery: Anything involving Ashley. He’s just such a fucking plank. It amazes me how someone can be such a genius when it comes to music creation, but in the rest of the world, the complete opposite. Tour is a fucking blast when he’s on the road with us.