Ibiza Hotels Offer Huge Discounts Due to Lack of Tourism

Ibiza hotels are having a rough time this year. Hotel sales have declined so much that many of them have started offering major discounts–we’re talking MAJOR discounts. It’s been reported that after facing losses in April, May and June, hotels are offering between 30 to 40 percent price cuts for the rest of their season.

Typically, Ibiza sees visitors from all around the world with a majority from Germany, England, Latin America, France and Italy. This year has seen far fewer tourists from these countries leading to Ibiza’s hotels to take on new strategies. After this season, hotels are even considering being open for only 5 months out of the year rather than the standard 7.

The reason behind the decline in tourism is not surprising. In past few years, the island’s government has issued stricter laws to push a quieter and more controlled tourist scene. Other influences include a higher tourist tax, exorbitant drink and club admission prices, and protests from locals. Locals have claimed their lives have been heavily impacted by the “unlimited, disrespectful and excessive” tourism causing the government to aptly respond.

While Ibiza will still be known for its unrivaled nightlife scene, we’ll see how these changes continue to affect 2019’s season.