elrow Pranks Fans on Spain’s December “April Fools” Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one. Record labels give out massive track compilations. Event production companies throw wild parties, some for 24 hours or more. But there’s one announcement this year that simply outstrips all other news in the last week. Spanish event production supergroup elrow just BOUGHT AN ISLAND IN THE BAHAMAS with ambitions to create the first electronic music theme park in the world: elrow Cave Cay Island. Or did they simply pull the best prank of 2018?

This seems like the ideal project for any production group. But there’s a little twist that non-Spanish speaking ravers might just miss out on. Unlike in the U.S. (where April 1st is a day to play tricks on friends and family) Spain celebrates “Dia de los Inocentes“. This “Day of the Innocents” is celebrated by playing tricks on those who are gullible. And it’s celebrated on December 28th, the same day elrow announced Cave Cay Island. With nearly 700 shares and over 900 comments on Facebook in just 5 hours, this may be the most prolific and quickest growing prank pulled in 2018.

So let’s look at the information we’ve been provided. As of yet there isn’t too much information available to the public, but we do know a few things. Elrow claims they will transform Las Exumas, Bahamas into a “Rowera Island with 8 areas, 2 Hotels, a casino, 7 Restaurants, 3 Beach clubs and 24 hours of non stop music”. The only other information elrow is providing currently is that the planned opening of Cave Cay Island is scheduled for 2021.

We’ll leave the decision to you. You can read the full statement from elrow below and choose whether you believe this announcement is real or just an elaborate joke. Thankfully two years is plenty of time for fans to laugh or start prepping for an exotic vacation. But who knows, maybe we’ll see you in Las Exumas, Bahamas in 2021!