Blackmill Hints at First Ever Festival Gig at Electric Forest


Blackmill Hints at Tour & Electric Forest Performance

One of the most revered, yet unknown cult followings might be getting a massive late Christmas present. Robert Card, better known as Blackmill, may have just hinted at his first ever performance. The Scottish producer has stayed relatively quiet over the last handful of years, but earlier this week hinted at a possible tour… and even a possible festival gig at Electric Forest– which would be his first ever festival show.

Earlier this week Blackmill tweeted out saying he had been thinking about doing a tour. The melodic dubstep maestro has never played a show, and even commented on that saying he, “[doesn’t] have a clue how to DJ”.

His music in and of itself is incredible, and quite deserving of the following it has garnered. To see him perform, even if it’s just pressing play on his music, would be more than enough for his fans.

Check out the thread of tweets below. Maybe we’ll see him at Electric Forest. Maybe we’ll see him do a tour beyond just the one festival show. Only time will tell.