Swedish House Mafia Announce 4 Summer Festival Performances

Another countdown has ended and this time we have four new Swedish House Mafia stops added to the growing list. At 9am GMT, Creamfields released an announcement confirming Swedish House Mafia will play at Creamfields 2019. Get pumped to see them take over the Arc Stage and perform a mind-blowing set! Additionally, it was stated that this will be their only UK show for all of 2019! Tinderbox, Stavernfestivalen, and the Frequency Festival were also revealed as new locations on the Swedish House Mafia Website. Everyone’s a bit surprised that four locations were released at once but the next timer is already set to end December 6th at 9am UTC.

Creamfields was an expected location as their website teased the glitched three dot SHM logo and billboards were seen around the UK. They also warned everyone yesterday of an incoming announcement for Creamfields 2019. If you were at Creamfields this past summer or watched the livestream, you probably remember Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s set ending with the iconic SHM dots and a “To be continued” from Axwell. They couldn’t miss out on one of the most popular festivals in the UK. Just this week, the official Frequency Festival website also showcased the glitched SHM dots but no billboards or posters were spotted near the location.

What’s Next?

Currently, Swedish House Mafia has 8 shows lined up for 2019, three of which are in Stockholm. Obviously, those from the United States are patiently waiting for some local announcements like Los Angeles and New York but will have to stay patient. Current rumors speculate that next weeks timer could reveal Tomorrowland or even a return to Ultra Miami. For now, be sure to secure your tickets to Creamfields next summer as it will be your only chance if living in the UK! Tickets can be found here. Lastly, keep a tab open on the SHM website for the next countdown ending next week!