Fans Confuse Rolling Stones Promo for SHM Teasers

It looks like Swedish House Mafia isn’t the only musical group promoting their tour by displaying mysterious posters in different cities.

If you don’t remember, the day before Ultra Music Festival in March, a series of Swedish House Mafia posters appeared in Miami, confirming rumours that the trio was the surprise headliner. Images on the promo posters used global brands, including Adidas, Nike, and McDonalds, in a three-pronged formation. Then, back before Stockholm and Mexico City were confirmed tour stops, posters also began to surface around the two cities. That’s why fans around the world are not taking any chances when it comes to possible hints and teasers.

On Reddit, user u/dKBeyond posted what they believed was another tour stop promo from the trio. However, it appears that The Rolling Stones are teasing a U.S. tour themselves, using the same tactics as SHM.

Terrible photo, sorry. But the boys are confirmed in LA! ROLLING STONES X3! from r/SwedishHouseMafia

The band’s iconic tongue-out logo appeared at Denver’s Broncos Stadium at Mile High for a day this past week, as well as in Chicago, where the Stones logo appeared on sidewalks across the city. Although upsetting for SHM fans in LA, this is definitely good news for Stones fans. Other stops said to be on the band’s itinerary next year include Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, Pasadena, and Philadelphia.

Although not as exciting as a tour date announcement, SHM fans do still have something to look forward to. Their fifth online countdown timer will run out on Wednesday, November 28th, at 6:00 AM ET.