Samsung’s ‘Infinity-O’ Display May Have Leaked

Infinity-OThe infamous notch has been a controversial topic ever since Apple released the iPhone X and has now been copied in several smartphones sold today. While some argue its obtrusiveness is impossible to ignore when typing and watching videos, others say you simply get used to it. Until we get a full screen display, Samsung has been working hard to reach a notch free world. Back at the Samsung developer conference, they shared four new screen designs for upcoming generation phones. They were named the Infinity-UInfinity-V, Infinity-O, and New Infinity.

Infinity-OAll screen designs shrunk the notch to only a small cutout on the top for a camera. The New Infinity design (everyones favorite), was the only real “full screen” display without a notch or cutout. This one will likely take the longest to perfect, especially with an OLED display. Recently, a new leak by Ice Universe, shows what looks to be an Infinity-O display (Below). A small hole in the top left corner will hold a selfie camera, further increasing the screen to body ratio. On the back of the device, there will be a three camera setup. Obviously, there will also be a small black bezel as a border for the screen. Even the earpiece looks to have been moved to the top of the device. Remember, the screen will likely be LCD as it is cheaper and easier to produce with the hole design.

We can’t say for certain that this is a legit photo as it’s still early for the Galaxy A8 lineup release. We’ll have to wait another month or so for an official announcement from Samsung. Additionally, the screen shown looks similar to a glass screen protector that could have been produced independently, Overall, the design is an improvement from large notches and chins but we really want a true full screen display as shown with the “New Infinity”. It will take time to implement the camera systems beneath the display, all while keeping the price reasonable. What are your thoughts on the hole cutout? Is this more bearable than a notch or is the hole too distracting?