Samsung Galaxy S10 Set to Offer 5G and Camera Under Display

Image result for samsung galaxy s10Over the past few months, Samsung has been gearing up to release the Galaxy S10 as soon as possible to challenge the newest Apple iPhone and similar competitors.

One of the biggest issues with prior Samsung models has been its lack of a reliable 5G network. Fortunately, it looks like this will no longer be an issue as a report from Bloomberg reveals that the company intends to cooperate with Verizon to use their expansive 5G Network. The S10 will utilize a newly developed 5th generation wireless chipset.
The phone making titan has also stated that the new model will have a fingerprint sensor under the phone’s display. This is another form of hardware necessary for the device to stay competitive in today’s phone markets.
The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a total of three different versions with their own prices and features to appeal towards the biggest range of customers. The standard version titled ‘Beyond’, offers Samsung’s trademark curved glass on both sides and smooth round shaped corners. The device also boasts a triple camera on the back and a front camera tucked under the screen. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the screen will be around 5.8 inches and an even bigger screen offered by the “plus” version. The cheaper variant of the S10 will not have the dual curved glass screen and may not have a fingerprint sensor under the screen depending on final production costs.
Stay tuned for future updates on the Samsung Galaxy S10.