Rezz’s Porter Robinson Remix Revealed to be ‘Divinity’

Canadian producer Rezz, also known as ‘space mom’ by her loyal fans, has seen massive success due to her creative producing style in the most recent years. Just a few days ago, she took to Twitter to tease an upcoming remix for a song from Porter Robinson’s Worlds album. And now, it is revealed that the song is none other than ‘Divinity’.

While Porter Robinson has been focusing most of his time on his alias, Virtual Self, his Worlds album has had a lasting impact ever since its release in 2014. The whole album is full of uplifting melodies and euphoric emotions that entrance listeners from start to finish. In contrast, Rezz’s music often has an ominous undertone. It takes listeners on an apocalyptic bass hitting roller coaster.

‘Divinity’ is not known to be a stand out heavy hitting song. At first, fans were speculating what the remix could be. The most popular guesses were the more melancholic singles ‘Fresh Static Snow’ or ‘Fellow Feeling’. It will be quite interesting to see what direction Rezz took towards remixing the song. Unfortunately, we might not know what it sounds like until her fans record it at her upcoming shows.