Rezz Reveals She’s Almost Finished With Porter Robinson Remix

Yesterday, Rezz took to Twitter to reveal that she is working on a remix for one of Porter Robison’s ‘Worlds’ tracks. We’re both thrilled and not surprised, in the best way – it seems that she always has some special project or another that she’s working on. It was just a few weeks ago that she released a 13-track Halloween mixtape.

There are no clips or teasers for the remix yet—we don’t even know what song it is—but Rezz’s loyal fans are still excited. There is much speculation on both Twitter and Reddit about what song she’s doing and how it will sound.

This remix feels like a long time coming. Rezz already plays a ‘Shelter’ evil edit that Madeon released earlier this year, as well as his track ‘Stupid’. It only makes sense that she incorporates a Porter Robinson song into the mix. And with Robinson’s new darker live edit of ‘Fellow Feeling’ it’s perfect.

Rezz did say in her tweet, “I hope I finish this one!” which leads us to believe she’s attempted a ‘Worlds’ remix before. Here’s hoping this one sees the light of day.

What song do you hope she’s remixing?