DJs are always receiving gifts from fans, and this time around it wasn’t your average gift. At one of her recent Los Angeles shows, Rezz received a gift that was extraordinary! It was a custom BMX bike from her fan John Hicks.

The bike is beyond fresh, maroon and black with white tires. Rezz posted on Twitter about it and John Hicks is an avid Youtuber, so it’ll come as no surprise that he also posted a video all about the custom bike on his channel. Originally, Rezz contacted Hicks after seeing him post a custom bike on his Instagram story, asking him to create one of his masterpieces for her. Rezz is a fan of red and black, so it was an easy choice to gift her this clean custom maroon and black bike with white tires.

Check out the video below where @HicksFilmedIt goes into detail on building the bike. Also, you’ll get a closer look at Rezz’ sick new ride.