Porter Robinson – Divinity (Rezz Remix)

Divinity RezzPorter Robinson – Divinity (Rezz Remix)

Rezz’s ‘Divinity’ remix is finally here for all of us to enjoy. We were worried she was going to make us wait until Friday to give us the taste of her + Porter Robinson. But we got lucky and only had to wait a day.

Premiered through the Proximity YouTube channel, we’re immediately thrown in. The Rezz-ness starts from the very beginning. It feels haunting and isolating, the way it starts with just one simple sound before jumping into the lyrics. Then it almost feels back to the original song, before things get really weird.

There are the characteristic breathy noises, and dings that really makes the song a Rezz song. It fits well with ‘Divinity’. There were a lot of people who were wondering how her style would fit in with such a light song. They were expecting one of Robinson’s heavier songs, like ‘Fellow Feeling’, to be remixed. But Rezz did a really good job.

Everything was done very carefully, and none of her signature effects were done too heavy-handed. It still maintains the feeling of being ‘Divinity’, while also very obviously feeling like a Rezz song. Which is the marker of a good remix.

Rezz should remix more of ‘Worlds’ for us, or even better, the two should collaborate sometime. A Rezz + Virtual Self collaboration would be amazing.

Listen to the song down below.