Elon Musk Shares FISHER’s ‘Losing it’ on Twitter While Celebrating

Elon Musk losing itIf you’re a follower of Elon Musk on Twitter, you’re probably well aware of his random Tweets. Whether its posting memes or tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse, we never know what to expect with Elon. For example, last week he Tweeted that a watchtower would be built in LA and he needed someone to yell from the top with a French accent! Joke or not, it’s a nice refresh for your normal Twitter feed.

Musk, current Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company CEO, made an incredible achievement with his high speed electric transportation system in Los Angeles. He tweeted a video of a boring machine cutting through a wall, completing his LA/Hawthorne tunnel system. Musk, ecstatic and celebrating the moment, shared FISHER’s popular hit ‘Losing it’ on Twitter. FISHER released ‘Losing it’ earlier this year and the track has been a global hit ever since. If you’ve been to the club or any music festival recently, it’s almost a guarantee you’ve heard it.

Take a look at FISHER’s reply below; you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Elon for your great taste in music!