Tesla’s Music Streaming Service Hinted in Software Update

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has hinted that he wants his company to provide music playlists in their cars and it looks like that may be coming true. After their latest software update for the Tesla vehicles, there is a new option for a music service called T Tunes. There is nothing there to try out yet but it shows that he was serious when talking about music.

In June of this year, Musk made some comments on music at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting. He said he wanted to make it easier to find good playlists for drivers and that they would be working on a fix for that. With technology advancing further and further every year Tesla has to do a lot to keep up with the times and everyone else in Silicon Valley. They are supposed to be making an all electric semi truck also. Their next major event is in September so we may learn more about T Tunes at that time.

Updated: Elon Musk Responded to the speculation: