Image result for fisher losing itFisher – Losing It

 Oi Oi EP,  the oh-so-classic ‘Ya Kidding‘, and the most recent fan favorite ‘Crowd Control‘, Fisher has done well for himself, to say the least.

Once again, we find ourselves diving head first into playing a Fisher track on repeat. His new single ‘Losing It‘ is a classic tune that accentuates his talent of taking a simple lyric and surrounding it with hyped up house beats. This dancefloor dominator has been on the circuit for some time now, having been mixed into house sets at festivals across the world, generating a similar wild reaction in the crowd. ‘Losing It’ is a first class house track that has wide appeal among old fans and new alike.

Catch Fisher alongside his Dirtybird counterparts at the 2018 West Coast Campout in its new location.  Listen to ‘Losing It’ below and watch Fisher play the track to a very receptive crowd at this years Coachella.

Fisher – Losing It