Audien & ARTY – Never Letting Go

audien Audien & ARTY – Never Letting Go

Best buds Audien and ARTY just released another progressive trance hit over the weekend titled ‘Never Letting Go‘. It’s blissful and beautiful and is out now on Anjunabeats as a two-track EP. Featuring a full-length version and a shorter edit, this one is sure to make you emotional.

The track opens airy and magical with Audien’s effervescent sound mixed with ARTY’s emotion. That signature angelic vocal in the background will only bring you smiles. You can feel yourself glimmer like diamonds in soft light listening to this. Rainbows cast across your mind. Halfway through, the breakdown is killer–whether you’re happy and need to dance or sad and need a lift, play this song.

“It finally happened. It took us three years, a lot of turned down ideas, and a lot of sleepless nights, but we made it happen.” -Arty

When you work with friends towards the same goal, it’s only natural you yield a great product. Artem loves that Nate is an incredibly talented person, a great friend, and a great soul. After he remixed his ‘Come Home’ track, he knew they shared the same passion for making music and being an artist in their own way. They put out an emotional, hopeful, and uplifting trance track for us to enjoy.

We love that Nate has checked off this milestone of working with ARTY. The two kings deserve each other and inspire us to work towards making our dreams come true. Their similarities in taste, tone, and musicality make their collaborations something to reckon with. There are just some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little better. Cheers, boys!

“Honestly, he’s the man, and he’s one of the few people I can call a true friend.” – Audien

Let their brightness inspire you and listen below!

Audien & ARTY – Never Letting Go