Skrillex Testifies in 2012 Stage Dive Accident

This past Tuesday, Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, testified in front of a Los Angeles Superior Court jury regarding a stage diving incident from 2012. At a post-Grammy show at The Belasco, Skrillex beckoned fans to come closer for a signature stage dive. When he leaped, he allegedly landed awkwardly on the neck of the plaintiff, Jennifer Fraissel, then age 24.

Fraissel texted her then-boyfriend that she suffered neck pain and whiplash. 16 days later, she suffered a stroke. Los Angeles-based radiologist Dr. Stephen Hetts testified on behalf of Fraissel, confirming that the plaintiff suffered an ischemic stroke. Hetts also confirmed that it is extremely unlikely for a woman of Fraissel’s age to suffer that type of stroke.

Fraissel sued Skrillex and Lost Boys Touring Inc. alleging battery and negligence. Her argument is founded on the fact that Skrillex beckoning fans to come closer made it impossible for her to escape. However, attorneys working for Skrillex have proof that Fraissel also attended a show in 2011 where Skrillex performed the same stage dive maneuver. According to defense lawyers: “The plaintiff stood near the front of the stage at the Belasco and assumed the risk she could be injured.”

It’s a dicey situation, especially when people are put at risk. On one hand, this type of jump has come to be expected at shows such as this. On the other hand, people typically don’t pay for a show to get jumped on. Seems pretty hard to prove negligence here, as fans could see what he was attempting to do.

Which side are you on? Check out the stage dive that allegedly led to the accident below, courtesy of TMZ.