Mat Zo- No Words EP

no words

Mat Zo- No Words EP

Matan Zohar aka Mat Zo makes his triumphant return to Anjunabeats today with a brand new three-track EP called No Words. The UK producer has been venturing into other eclectic sounds, most recently disco/funk house. Before that, Zo made quite the name for himself releasing trance anthems like ‘Superman’, ‘Rebound’, and ‘Mozart’. Today, trance fans celebrated to see him finally return to the airwaves with this astounding EP.

The EP consists of three unique tracks. The first, ‘See If When I Believe It’, is a progressive beauty. Zo incorporates dark synth with a catchy vocal sample. As the track breaks down, you begin to hear his old trance prowess shine through. The drop, however, is not one you would expect. It has a funky house feel to it, with progressive elements slowly inserted as the song builds on the bassline. A very solid first track to the EP.

The second track, taken off the Anjunabeats Worldwide 08 compilation, is ‘Meaning Lost All Words’. The song has a happy vibe to it with upbeat chords. The melody is easily the catchiest on the EP as it’ll get stuck in your head after the first listen. The final drop carries that same upbeat chord and adds a little amplifying effect to give that climax feel. Mark this one down as the “clubbiest” track on the EP.

The third and final track on the EP is called ‘Says Without Going’. This track is the darkest of them all. The beginning has a dark, deep house feel to it. Just as you think the track will go in that direction, it breaks down into a classic Mat Zo trance melody. On the buildup, you feel the momentum carry you into a huge drop, making this track the most unique of the bunch.

The No Words EP sees its release today. With Mat Zo returning to Anjunabeats, all we can hope for is more amazing trance tunes from the Mad Zoo king.