Reddit Users Compose Their Own Top 100 DJs List

Every year, the DJ Mag Top 100 list receives backlash full of accusations regarding artists using sketchy strategies to gain more votes. Most of the time, an influx of people who haven’t been heard of somehow find themselves in the top 20. And, who can forget all of the cringy campaigns that artists run to get their name on the list?

Although many DJ’s are entirely against the competition, this list still continues to have an influence on the EDM community. Recently, it has been revealed that the industry worldwide, particularly in Asia where the genre is up-and-coming, use the stats to determine how much to pay artists and which ones to book.

Sadly, the list is supposed to be a representation of fans’ true tastes and not just an industry boost. Thankfully, Reddit‘s popular electronic music subreddit, /r/EDM, has once again taken to the polls to rank their own top 100 DJs. With 1,176 votes, 755 unique DJs, 1,460 users, and 17,670 points given, the community has decided its own list of elite DJs. And while the reddit vote still isn’t the perfect replacement of DJ Mag’s list, it’s a whole lot more reliable.

Even though there are some similarities, such as Martin Garrix reigning his place at #1 on both lists, there are a number of noticeable differences. Rezz didn’t chart for DJ Mag, but managed to find herself in the top 10 on this list. Other DJs left off the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list include RL GrimeJauzZHU1788-L and JOYRYDE, who all find themselves on this Reddit-driven version. Porter Robinson‘s alter ego, Virtual Self, also makes the list at 13.

You can view the whole list here: