1788-L Launches Mysterious AI Website; Teases New EP

Up and coming artist 1788-L has been busy these past couple weeks with new music news, collaborations, and even a debut performance in LA. Just yesterday, 1788-L launched a mysterious AI-powered website that would give you bits of information if you asked the right questions. As expected from a mysterious producer like 1788-L, he made fans do a little digging to find the big news.

Some crafty Redditors were able to crack the system to spread the news. One user named ‘thebindi’ explained the process. First, he asked the system “When is your next EP?”. The system will allow you to type in your email and a message will be sent to you stating “August 3rd”. Next, he typed in “How many song are on the EP?”. Again, it replied back with “4”. Even more interesting, when he typed in “When album”, the system replied “SENTIENCE/EP”. He then asked it “What is Sentience”, and it said “4/Track/EP”.

This unique way of teasing a new EP is making fans question what else is hidden on the website. So far, this is everything that has been found…

  • 1788-L’s new four track EP is coming out in August and is named SENTIENCE
  • The EP will have four new tracks named FULL/BURST, NU/VER/KA, FORCE/IMPULSE, and ASTRAY/R
  • His first single “FULL/BURST” is being released August 3.

With brand new music arriving, fans can expect to here the new tunes at his upcoming live performances. Yesterday, we found out that 1788-L would be supporting Ekali’s upcoming “Crystal Eyes” tour along with a booking at the Equinox Festival in Santa Barbara, CA.

Check out 1788-L’s AI website here and see if you can find anything new!