Diplo Announces the End for Major Lazer

One of dance music’s most notable groups is calling it quits. In an interview with Complex magazine, Diplo revealed that his Major Lazer group will put out its final album next year. Diplo has spread himself quite thin as of late, with his solo projects in addition to the uncertain Jack U and now Silk City and LSD. In making the announcement Diplo spoke on the difficulties in the industry today:

Music is so fast nowadays. It’s like we’re in a hip-hop cycle all the time; a new rapper comes out and careers last like two years these days

Major Lazer became so popular at one point it spawned its own TV show, complete with banging soundtrack. With Skrillex making his big return soon, might that promised Jack U follow up be back in the cards? Who knows. Diplo says there is a lot to come between now and the end so we’ll have to stay tuned.