Silk City Duo Diplo and Mark Ronson release ‘Electricity’ ft. Dua Lipa

electricityThe epic duo Silk City of music industry hit-makers Diplo and Mark Ronson has released the anticipated single ‘Electricity’ featuring English singer/songwriter Dua Lipa. Accompanied by a nostalgic and energetic music video, the track is a certified earworm.

Opening with the radio discussing a blackout and a clip of someone mentioning the 2003 Northeast Blackout, the video covers shots of a dark New York City and a sweaty Dua Lipa dancing in a loft party. Diplo and Mark Ronson are featured stuck in an elevator, and don’t contribute much else.

The song has a very Ronson vibe to it with the piano, and a classic beat that Diplo seems to be experimenting with lately, making for an incredibly catchy tune. The collaboration began almost a year ago in November, before Dua Lipa was well known. It has been teased and played for the last few months.

“[W]e got together with Dua, who was just blowing up. I’ve never seen anybody, from the time we asked her if she was down to help us finish writing this song and sing it in November, to when it came out in March [have] such a crazy trajectory. She was like, 8,000 times more popular.” – Mark Ronson

Check out the music video to ‘Electricity’ below!