Artificial Intelligence Software RaveDJ Creates Mixes & Mashups With Ease

Photo cred: FACT Magazine

Do you ever think that two songs would go perfectly together, but you don’t have the software or the time to create your own mashup? RaveDJ is an artificial intelligence software that solves this exact problem. Anyone can go to the website, put in links to the YouTube or Spotify songs of their choice and create a mix/mashup at the click of a button.

Naturally, I had to give the program a try. Seeing as I’m a huge deep house fan, I mixed together Lane 8’s “Hot As You Want”, Fabian Mazur’s “Right Now”, ZHU’s “Faded”, Ferreck Dawn/Robosonic’s “In Arms”, and SNBRN’s “Want It”.

The result? Some of the song transitions were a little rougher than others, but overall, it RaveDJ churns a decent mix. Probably better than a novice DJ – meaning that if I heard this at a club, I wouldn’t complain and would keep on dancing.

Do I think the software can replace live DJs anytime soon though? Most likely not. There are so many more subtleties that live DJs bring to the turntable, such as reading the crowd and bringing in live elements to a performance.

As one of RaveDJ’s developers stated on Hacker News, they’re “still at the beginning of what [they] want to do, and have plenty of improvements on the way.”

Only time will tell what the future of artificial intelligence holds for musicians and producers. There has been a lot of headway in the space, from SKYGGE, the world’s first AI producer, to Taryn Southern, a pop artist who composed her album with AI.

Before we continue down that Black Mirror-esque path of AI and its implications on the music industry, check out RaveDJ and use it for what it is – a brilliant piece of software and a fun way to experiment with songs.