David Guetta Has Intense Interview With 8-Year-Old Kid

Earlier this month, David Guetta released his seventh studio album, aptly named ‘7. He is one of the most well-known and popular DJs around, but that doesn’t mean he is without his critics.

On September 25th, he appeared on a UK radio show and got absolutely roasted…well sort of. It is one of the cutest, most savage interviews we’ve seen in quite some time. Eight-year-old Lil Roman comes on air and pulls no punches.

“My dad told me you are minted,” he starts out, “how much money do you have?” It’s the sort of question that everyone wants to ask, but only a child has the guts to do so. David Guetta laughs it off and talks about how lucky he is to have started his career for passion. He then adds that his passion has made him a lot of money. Yes, Guetta, we’re sure it has.

Lil Roman then moves immediately into even more controversial material. “Do you think you’re better than Calvin Harris?” This is met with even more laughs, as Guetta assures everyone that Calvin Harris is his favorite producer. Lil Roman casually states that he thinks Guetta is better than Harris and immediately apologizes.

David Guetta then reveals that he has plans to remix the song that Harris’ Sam Smith collaboration, ‘Promises’, so be sure to keep an eye out for that one.

The interview concludes with an enthusiastic “Thank you for coming…and bye!” Lil Roman has a future in the radio business and we can’t wait to see him take on more dance music acts.

Watch the whole interview below.