Pasquale Rotella Discusses EDC Las Vegas 2019 On Reddit AMA

 Pasquale Rotella Answers All

Father of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, opened up the Reddit AMA this morning to answer any itching questions or comments you’ve been dying to ask. The Q&A took place for a few hours and will be back around noon. Of course the comments came flooding in. Time to let out all your ideas on how to make EDC Las Vegas 2019 even better!

Pay attention to the sticky note at the top of the form. If you want your questions to be answered and your thoughts to be heard, make sure you follow the rules. So far, questions on stage designs, event planning, favorite artists, venues, and thoughts on where the EDM scene will go came up. Notes on camping, shuttles, and wait times for parking and getting into the event also appeared. What is the vision for the festival industry anyway?

Everyone expressed a lot of appreciation and had insightful ideas. The PLUR community is strong, as any Insomniac event would make you feel. There have been so many events over the years, will we see the return of EDC New York? Who are the up and coming artists that Insomniac is discovering? What other cities will EDC and Dreamstate take place in?

A good question about livestreaming other stages came up as well. For anyone that doesn’t make it to EDC, we’re sure they would appreciate being able to listen in spirit.

Here’s a good question about the changing experiences that long time attendees have. Thoughts?

Suggestions of EDCLV stage lineups are going around as well. No word from the founder yet, but let’s see what next year brings us! To join in on the conversation, click here.