ZHU’s Blacklizt Surprise Set At Do LaB Stage Coachella 2018 Released

Remember when Coachella 2018 listed ‘Blacklizt‘ as one of the artists? Were you curious enough to check them out? Well, turns out that it happened to be arguably one of the greatest highlights of Weekend One. American electronic musician, ZHU, gave an incredible dark techno surprise set at the Do LaB stage. Boy, did he deliver.

Much to the pleasure of electronic music fans’ ears, this set is wild. We LOVE it. Tune in for an hour and half of mesmerizing techno. Characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic, the set exploits the use of repetition and understated development. Only what is essential to make people move is heard. ZHU has an art for making people move their bodies. Blacklizt speaks to their heart, mind and soul. This is a heart-felt techno sound, where the rolling bass drum sound drives the crowd.

Thank you Do LaB for recording the set in full audio quality and making it available for all to hear. The set has been formally released and is ready for entrancing replay after replay. Steven is an artist that examines human emotions and the millennial’s pursuit of purpose in life.

From his heartfelt mood and living pulse in ‘The Nightday‘ to the psychedelic journey of ‘Generationwhy‘,  Blacklizt presents itself as a fresh take on what dance music can range to be. A unique voice making a name for himself, our once phantom artist is taking the music world by storm. He is a fashion line, a live cinematic concert experience and much more.

Feeling his vibes? His full set from Do LaB is available below. If you find yourself in Palm Springs this weekend for Splash House 2018, be sure to check him out. He closes out Sunday at the Renaissance Hotel.

ZHU’s Blacklizt Surprise Set on the Do LaB Stage Weekend One 2018