YouTube’s New Streaming Service, YouTube Music, Is Still Missing In Action

Are you wondering where YouTube’s premium music service, YouTube Music, has wandered off to? Same.

Back in May, we explained what YouTube was planning to include in its new subscription service meant to launch in the near future. Now, it’s mid-June and their web page still says “coming soon”. YouTube stated that they were going to slowly roll out the service worldwide, but the US and Mexico are still at a standstill. New Zealand, Australia, and areas in South Korea are reported to have near-term launches as well.

If you’ve been on YouTube recently, it’s likely that YouTube Music ads have popped up, advertising their new streaming platform. Unfortunately, when you click on an ad, it just brings you the the dreaded “coming soon” page. The journalists and industry VIPs who have had the early opportunity to try the new service have left positive remarks and reviews, saying it does bring something new to the table. For all we know, the launch delay could be the result of last minute technical difficulties or issues gathering music data.

With Spotify having over 70 million paid subscribers, we still wonder: does YouTube even have a chance? Yes, YouTube Music is expected to have a massive music collection and organized user-face, but is it worth changing your dedication to a totally new streaming platform?

We’ll keep you posted on any updates, but in the meantime, keep refreshing the “coming soon” page!