Bakermat – Do Your Thing

Bakermat – Do Your Thing

Last week, Dutch DJ/producer Bakermat ended his 6-month-long drought of music with two funky new house tracks titled ‘Lion’ and ‘Do Your Thing’, packaged together by Be Yourself/Sony Music to make up the artist’s new ‘Do Your Thing EP.’

The Amsterdam-based artist first dove into music in his early teens thanks to his mother – an opera singer – and father, who was a big fan of soul, funk and jazz – both of which showed him the wonders. Bakermat decided he finally needed to take a break from touring after 5 years of nonstop movement around the globe. With all this newfound free time, he decided to hit the studio hard and re-discover his passion for producing music. 

“Because of my busy touring schedule and life these past years I’ve been busier thinking about music than actually writing and producing new music. I want to go back to the feeling that motivated me to make music in the first place. I want to experiment endlessly, love every second in the studio and make music that isn’t out there yet. Creating fresh, original, innovative music demands rest, time and experiment. And that’s exactly what I will be aiming for.”

During this break from touring Bakermat decided to locked himself away and reinvent his sound, drawing inspiration from inspiring and diverse influential records. The end result was well worth the wait if you’re into super funky house music. Below is what he had to say about the releases:

“Do Your Thing and Lion are a product of experimentation, time and pure unfiltered fun. I wanted to go back to the roots, and take my time to produce music that’s fresh, isn’t out there yet and diverse. The tracks are not particularly mainstream, but also not underground. It’s for people that want to hear something new and interesting, but still want it to have a feel-good vibe to it.”

The ‘Do Your Thing’ EP officially marks the start of festival season for Bakermat with more music slated to be released and a massive touring schedule as well.

Take a listen to Do Your Thing Below – enjoy!

Bakermat – Do Your Thing