Eric Prydz Dazzles with HOLO Show Debut

Eric Prydz already has a legendary following and a reputation for mindblowing unique performances that you have to experience once (or more) in your life. When Eric announced that he was shrinking down his EPIC show to tour with it under the HOLO name, the fans were thrilled. Now that HOLO has debuted, its every bit as mindblowing as EPIC but more intimate.

The main difference is that during HOLO, all of the holograms remain above Eric using two screens (1 behind and 1 in front of him). The setup is more similar to EPIC 4K than EPIC 5.0 and also reminiscent of the setup Eric used in Miami for his b2b with Adam Beyer. The end result is gorgeous and we have the videos to prove it. We can only hope that HOLO goes on more tours, especially on our side of the pond. You can peep the full tracklist here.