Deadmau5 Reveals He Is Scoring A Film

deadmau5Deadmau5 Shares News Scoring New Film

Twitter’s favorite DJ recently took to the site to share some very exciting news. Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, is typically known for the blazing speed at which he puts out projects. You may notice that 2018 is rather empty when it comes to Mau5 releases, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The last release in the Deadmau5 catalog would be his LP titled ‘Where’s the Drop‘. This saw his biggest hits reimagined, and conducted by an orchestra. ‘Where’s The Drop’ was released on March 30, 2018, on his own Mau5trap records.

While there was indeed a hold up regarding new material, we now know why thanks to the man himself. In his own words, the Canadian DJ & Record Producer says he has “been working the lonesome graveyard shift a lot lately on a film score.”. While we still haven’t received any news on exactly which film Joel is scoring, it’s thrilling news none the less. Upon completing this score, Deadmau5 will join the ranks of Dance Music’s elite. He will join composers such as BT, JunkieXL, Trent Reznor, The Chemical Brothers, and most notably, Daft Punk. While It would be nice to see ‘Mau5 join such ranks, some new music would be nice too, hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for either. The original tweet can be viewed below.