Kaskade Helps Fan Get Unblocked By Deadmau5 On Twitter

Canadian producer deadmau5 is known for many things — his chart-topping electronic music albums, the signature giant mouse head he wears to perform, his high-profile romances, and an affinity for blocking anyone and everyone on Twitter.

For #PayItForwardDay, which was two days ago, Kaskade decided that he was going to bring DJs like The ChainsmokersCalvin Harris, and Tiësto back together with the fans they may have unreasonably blocked in the past. Although a tough battle, Kaskade even got deadmau5 to give in and unblock a fan.

However, it seems as though the producer’s intentions aren’t all that bad. While many may believe the producer does the blocking himself, he has revealed that it’s probably a bot that does it for him.

Good guy Kaskade strikes again. If you’re blocked by deadmau5 on Twitter, don’t feel too bad. Maybe you can reach out to Kaskade and pull in a few favors.