Deadmau5 Teases Next Album Name “I Don’t Get It” In Signature Sarcastic Tone

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known professionally as deadmau5, has always kept it real and more importantly, never beat around the bush. Recently, the notorious Canadian producer has once again proven that even in 2018, there will always be someone who will take offense to whatever is being discussed.

In a recent tweet, the Niagara Falls-born DJ discussed the highly anticipated name of his next album – and let’s just say, fans couldn’t get enough of his brave choice.

In relation to his statement that everyone seems to be offended by everything, the sarcasm king himself has declared that he will name his next album “I Don’t Get It”.

A dedicated follower dared the talented musician to truly follow through with his statement, and it comes as no surprise that he did not hesitate to accept the challenge.

Now the waiting game has commenced. Do you believe that deadmau5 will go ahead with this daring album title? We absolutely can’t wait to find out what the future will bring.