Chris Lake and Walker & Royce Leave Nothing To Be Desired In Close Your Eyes EP

Have you been waiting on the edge of your seat for months? Giddy with anticipation over those epic Chris Lake and Walker & Royce collaborations? Well don’t worry, the long wait is over. The Close Your Eyes EP is out now on Lake’s Black Book Records. This two track EP continues to crush dance floors and festival grounds after months of being played live.

The title track is unmistakeable. From the rolling drum line to the gritty synth patterns and the one-off melodies, everything about ‘Close Your Eyes‘ screams Chris Lake and Walker & Royce. Both producers are iconically unique in their sound and this tune embraces both of their styles in perfect synergy. And the vocal hook, instructing the listener to “Close your eyes, dance with me,” gives the perfect doorway to lose yourself in the track, forgetting about everything else and allowing the music to surround you.

The second track is just as impressive. ‘Drop Top’ feels much more thought-provoking and intense psychologically. With tons of short vocal phrases throughout including “you’ve been on my mind,” “like that,” and “what?” the listener has to ponder the meaning of each while being being constantly stretched in different ways by the psychedelic tensions of the production underneath the words.

If you haven’t heard these two incredible songs yet, now is your chance. Chris Lake and Walker & Royce’s Close Your Eyes EP is out now and sure to continue destroying sets around the world for some time to come. Let us know about the first time you heard one of these songs or what they mean to you!

Chris Lake, Walker & Royce – Close Your Eyes EP